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Would the Future Technology of Thought Swapping Be Too Disruptive For Society?

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Would the Future Technology of Thought Swapping Be Too Disruptive For Society?North Korea’s Technology of the Future

Today, we’ve got the Internet, e-mail, and social support systems. These social networking sites have become experiencing a new wave of innovation with text messages and real-time updates for the life experience. These tweets and texts can be shared with others. Some might call this the friends and family program on steroids. It is definitely a disruptive technology, nevertheless it appears to be designed for how humans naturally communicate.

– The adoption of labor displacing technologies as mentioned above can generally be classified under mechanization, automation, and process improvement

– Mechanization and automation involve transferring tasks from humans to machines

– Process improvement involves the reduction of tasks altogether

– In essence, with the mixture of seventy one elements a job is removed from a workforce therefore decreasing employment

– This brings rise to many arguments with opposing views which states that there is a negative correlation with technological change and unemployment

– Many like Jeremy Rifkin think that the direction to a near-workerless economy is sight

– However when assessing Rifkin’s arguments, I find a number of points troubling and many factors are certainly not being taken into account

– Although convincing to the people who’ve suffered job loss due to automation and computers, I contend there’s more hope than Rifkin sees

– What I see is that our era is becoming extremely competitive and it is causing the best way to to return to school as well as to pursue college to keep with the competition

– Although this short-term occurrence of pursuing one`s education is just not supplying much to our economy, once these individuals graduate, many countries may have a higher rate of folks that are used the innovations from the Information Age

– The education that men and women are pursuing and also the new grounds that they are entering inside their fields of IT, software and sciences, to name a few, will in the end result in new ideas and new methods for working

– When entering anything new, it is scary plus it looks bleak, but there are many jobs that have been created on account of technological advancement and as a result of the competitive edge in technology, in which a person’s IPAD is out of date on the day of purchase

– Rifkin doesn’t take into account that this modern technology has allowed website visitors to open their particular businesses also to become more financially independent

– For instance, the invention in the internet has produced self-made millionaires and possesses made people develop innovative ideas using new technologies

– Moreover, the internet has allowed people who find themselves bound at home or stay at home parents, to take into consideration an income from home

– The internet and technologies that facilitate communications, like Blackberries and IPhones, have allowed for the economic independence and for individuals to do business from home accordingly

Can We Get Any More Connected?

Ironically, days gone by half century brought with it a drop in the quality of audio, video, and graphics. Early computers had one font, one color, no bold or italic, and dot matrix printing had not been pretty. Digital recording lost some of the “warmth” of analog. The MP3, albeit a stride down in audio quality looks like it’s suitable for the masses because portability. Online video is blocky and choppy and quite often intermittent, yet it’s convenient. – In the sphere of the telecommunication, future and better technology is extremely powerful and contains contributed extensively to the betterment in the communication system

– The invention in the humanoid robot is often a burning example

– Future technology news point out that this robotic structure will probably be sent to out of the planet to bolster the communication system

– Experiments are still taking place the upgrade on this robot

This isA?trueA?if the status quo regarding reprocessing continues. With our current system of once-through fuel use for most nuclear reactors, the degree of used nuclear fuel willA?certainlyA?increase. With increased volume of fuel comes increased difficulty in transport, safety, accounting, and security. As more fuel is utilized and adopts various kinds of storage, the possibility that an oversight will probably be made somewhere does climb. In short, celebrate thefts of used nuclear fuel more probable.