Humans have always loved the idea of a good story. There’s just something about storytelling which satisfies something fundamental within us. We crave the vicarious thrills that we experience through someone’s tales. And we often thrill simply from our ability to expand our experiences through things which we’d have otherwise never imagined. It’s one of those uniquely human experiences. We, alone in all the world, can live another person’s life for a while by hearing his stories. It’s even more amazing to think that this happens even outside of face to face interaction.

Stories Should Always Be There When We Need Them

There was a time when this only happened with books. And while most of us love books, we have to admit it’s not the same as actually seeing the stories acted out in front of us. This is one of the main reasons why plays became so beloved. And when movies and TV became a part of our lives, we gleefully adapted to them. However, at some point we began to take these services for granted. We just got used to the idea of heading out to the movie theater. Likewise, we became used to watching TV live. When it was time for the next part of our story, we let the scheduling dictate how we related to it.

This is a huge difference between how we related to plays. But it’s important to keep in mind that those were live performances. There was good reason for we audience members to rally to their cry. We needed to gather together at a certain time and place to watch the show. But today our stories come through different means. Aside from sports, everything we watch has been recorded well in advance. There’s simply not much reason to treat our movies and TV as if they were a play. They’re basically just digital streams sent over a wired or wireless connection.

Consider how this could change though. Imagine someone in Zelienople who’s begun to really wonder why things are still done in this manner. He decides to investigate and finds out that there are indeed options for something like on demand zelienople pa. Even better, he’s able to use his internet service provider with the system in order to get enhanced functionality. He wouldn’t be alone in that discovery. Most areas now have some form of on demand television.

This basically shifts how we relate to our media. Instead of us going to the TV or movies, they can come to us when we essentially demand them. The method by which this occurs is usually the biggest difference between areas. Some people will find that they can watch everything at home but not over the internet. Others will even be able to use an on-demand service over their smartphone. But either way, the change to how we relate to stories is dramatic. For the first time our multimedia storytelling isn’t something that controls us.

Instead it’s something which we have full control of. The power is once again … Read More